Letting go of routine – Take a break from life and re energise

Another long weekend has just passed in Australia, and it was a great time for me to unwind and take stock. I decided to explore the great outdoors with some wonderful friends, on an adventure to Porcupine Gorge.

As I drove home after the 3 days away, I realised that the most valuable experience I got was not actually the travel experience as I thought.

I got value out of a break from routine.

Have you ever felt in a rut? Like nothing you do excites you? Do you find yourself dreading home life.

I regularly do.

To re energise and overcome these feelings, I find it valuable to break my routine.

In this post I would like to touch on routine, and how valuable it is for me to experience a break. With this new awareness, you can go ahead and plan a routine retreat for yourself, and experience the benefits.

What is routine?

Routine, a task that you undertake regularly, is present in my life in the following ways.

  • Work – The continual act of addressing my professional occupation. In general, the population works from 9-5, 5 days out of 7. There is minimal time for ourselves, so it is natural for us to make stringent routines so that we may get the most out of our valuable time.
  • Living – Life outside can get overwhelming, so we tend to manufacture a safe, predictable, comfortable environment to shelter us. Quite often, this space rarely changes.
  • Hobbies – I’m busy outside my 9-5, and I’m sure you are too. Whether you be a forward on the football team, secretary of a garden club, or a champion on the WOW scene. We often fall to comfortable past times that make us feel good and act to positively reinforce our current abilities. As time passes, we may in fact be reinforcing bad habits.
  • Surroundings – As a general rule, we work, live, and play in the same space. Work in a city? Chances are you live there too. This limits the variety we can experience, and is in fact another form of routine

Let go of routine, just for a bit

Yes, it’s hard to let go and unwind. Sometimes it’s scary too.

Challenge yourself to try something different.

I decided to go camping and get out in nature. Doing this shakes up everything in my life – a new surrounding, living with people, preparing food without a kitchen, no shower or toilet facilities, being self sufficient.

At the end of the experience, I realised I had let go of so much emotional baggage, I had forgotten most of the week (the good and the not so good). It was refreshing to the mind.

I found that letting go of routine allowed me to release my emotional stress.

This, with a busy lifestyle, is a truly valuable and enjoyable experience.

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Yours in inspiration,


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