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Do more with less – embrace a minimalist view of life and be happier sooner

If there is one thing I have learnt that has changed the way I think profoundly during my short time, I can say that it’s this.

Having more does not equal happiness.

This applies to money, relationships, objects……… anything.

Instead, I’ve discovered the true value in getting by with less, and making do with what I already have.

Some would see it as being ‘cheap’. I see it as a smarter way of being that gives me satisfaction, happiness, and a feeling of freedom that allows me to do so many more activities which feed my love for life.

Boil the kettle with what you need – a musing on minimalism

Today it’s a slightly shorter post to stir your brain juice. My fight against the flu is coming to a close, and my thoughts are not ideal for inspirational writing. However, I’m committed the promise I made to you in my first post.

Today, I would like to raise your awareness to a passionate topic of mine.


Here’s why.

I was in the kitchen the other day and I observed my house mate preparing a cup of tea for breakfast.

He filled the 1.7 litre kettle to the top.