I got shredded with tea! Another detox experiment

Shredtea Package

Got a stubborn waistline that even 1,000 crunches hasn’t moved?

Sick of looking down at your stomach, rather than your feet?

Want to burn fat fast? 

I didn’t. In fact, I’m not convinced I lost anything, but I believe there’s nothing stopping you from achieving a body transformation.

I wasn’t chasing fat loss, so that’s not why I’m writing this. 🙂

I came across Shredtea through a friend of mine who tried it and claimed to achieve results.

How I wondered?

I have never tried a product like this before, and since it was Australian, I decided to put it to the test to see what effect it would have on my body.

To be clear, I didn’t aim to achieve weight loss using this product. I didn’t need or want to lose weight. It was simply another interesting journey I experienced.

To give you a ‘try before you buy’ perspective, this post will give you an insight into the Shredtea experience – how their detox plan works, and how you might benefit.

You’ll have all you need to get started “shredding”.

What is Shredtea?

Shredtea is an all natural herbal tea designed to have you shed excess water weight, and fat when combined with an eating plan and moderate exercise daily.

It is advertised as a 14 day (2 week) offering, where the “shredder” a.k.a you, undergoes a #14dayshred body transformation should you follow the guidelines provided with the tea.

There is some great material that you are provided to ensure you get maximum benefit from the detox. The meal guide provides excellent nutritional knowledge to help you loose fat, links to external inspiration and educational sources, and also some great lifestyle tips too.

There;s apparently a workout guide to follow in the near future as well. Stay tuned for that development.

Sounds good.

How much does it cost?

It’s $50 USD for a starter pack, which gives you 2 packets of tea (a morning and an evening blend) and guidelines to follow – everything you need for 14 days of detox.

You can buy supplement packets of the tea individually from $25 USD.

Why is an Australian company selling in USD? Good question. I’m guessing the primary target market is the USA.

All prices include delivery, which is a nice surprise.

Why did I choose to ‘shred’?

I wasn’t trying to lose weight by trialling Shredtea.

I looked at it from a health and well-being perspective, seeing what the detox effect was like in comparison to my recent juice detox.

I wanted to experience how drinking a ‘prescribed’ selection of tea would leave me feeling, and if my body would ‘shred’ – lose water weight and fat (even though I didn’t follow the eating plan and exercise guidelines).

What did I think of Shredtea?

I can summarise shredtea by saying it was a pleasant tasting, bowel-moving, body cleansing herbal infusion.

During the 14 day detox program (#14dayshred), I was left feeling clean, clear minded, energised, and definitely lighter in the bowel soon after waking.

Based on this experience, I think had I have followed a more stringent eating plan and more regular exercise, I would have certainly “shredded” some kilos.

Yep, I believe it works. 

Beside that, I noted the following observations while consuming my daily tea.


The taste of the tea can only be described as being literally like a fruity glass of grass and leaves.

Trust me, it’s not as bad as it sounds.

There are two tea types:

  • #14dayshred – This tea, taken before bed, is bitter initially but pleasant as you drink. It’s sweetened with a delicious liquorice after taste, sort of like an after dinner mint, served with a side of grass. It’s an interesting mix, and more pleasant as consumption increased.
  • #dailyshred – This tea provided an excellent start to the day. It had a crisp, fresh taste with the blend of ginger, cinnamon, and lemon myrtle, responsible for this. A seriously great, cleansing, mind-clearing start to the day.


How did I feel?

Clean, clear minded, energised, and lighter in the bowel after some extreme movement first thing after waking!


  • Lighter and cleaner on the inside
  • Less bloated, and no gas
  • More energy, without the sluggish feeling when you have a bowel full of ‘crap’ (excuse the pun).

Laxative effect

This is where the tea is able to prove its claims most strongly.

No joke, it makes you poo.

Like clockwork, I would rise from bed and experience extreme rumbling. That’s when I knew.

Time to find a bathroom!

Yep, it was certainly a cleansing experience, having the following effect on my body:

  • Regular bowel movements – I found myself rushing to the bathroom shortly after waking, every day. Sometimes twice a day!
  • No pains or cramps – despite the effective laxative effect, I didn’t experience anything noticeably bad

TIP: Make sure you are sleeping somewhere with good access to a bathroom for the duration of the #14dayshred detox. You’ll need it in the morning.

What did Shredtea do for me?

Undertaking a Shredtea #14dayshred detox made me feel great.

Mentally easier to complete than a juice fast detox, taking the tea each day was a simple implementation to my daily routine.

Really, it gave me a good feeling while I was taking it. Here’s why:

  • I had at least 1 to 2 solid bowel movements, one first thing upon rising, and another occasionally in the late afternoon.
  • I experienced a ‘clean’ feeling of a detox
  • I had improved mental alertness
  • Improved quality sleep, feeling more restful upon waking.

Did I notice any physical change?

Hard to say, so I’ll let you make up your mind with the following before and after pics.


Body shot before Shredtea

Photo BEFORE the #14dayshred

Body shot after Shredtea

Photo AFTER 14 days on Shredtea

Again, I was happy with my physique before undertaking the trial of Shredtea, so I am not focusing on this as a personal indicator of this products effectiveness.

It made me feel great, and I’m happy with that.

Well, there you have it, my #Shredtea experience.

I enjoyed it, and found myself feeling clean, clear minded, energised at the end of the experience.

If you’re reading this and are having troubles loosing  a few extra kg’s or just want to cleanse yourself, I encourage you to give it a try.

I got something out of it, and I am sure you can too.

I hope this helps you with your body transformation aspirations.

Thanks for reading my work.

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Until next time…..

Yours in inspiration,


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