My 5 day juice detox – Why I decided to reboot

Those who know me, know that I’ve always been big into health an nutrition. I’ve tried a lot of weird stuff, so now I am looking to push my understanding to a new level and try a juice detox – eating no solids and consuming a high nutrient “green” drink.

This blog post is the first in a 3 part series, and will provide you with the benefits of detox, and my top 3 reasons for giving it a try.

Maybe the information will inspire you to try too.

To give you a personal recount, I have included a video diary of the results, followed by some real-life journal notes from the experience. You can check these out in the next post 🙂

The good news is, I loved doing the detox, and I’ll be doing it again.

Let’s get to business…..


Why did I do a juice detox?

Our lives are busy. Our meals are fast. Our time is short. With all of this constant activity (and eating), it is easy to get complacent with the glorious food we have access to.

I believe this thought is directly reflected in our digestive systems. There is so much food we are consuming, the body becomes overwhelmed and numbed to it’s nutritional properties. At some point, we need a break. A change in habit. A new start.

It’s referred to as a detox.

I was inspired by my “mentor” Tony Robbins. In his audio coaching series “Get the Edge”, he indicates a juice detox is an ideal way to unlock your inner energy by clearing your body of toxins and bad fats.

I am also extremely health concious, curious and willing to experiment with new things, so I thought “why not?!”

Aside from that, there are some well known scientific and spiritual benefits to enjoy as well.

The following are my top 3.


My top 3 reasons for doing a juice detox

1. Cleanse my body of toxins

The average diet contains a lot of nasties – trans-fats, starches, yeasts, toxic chemicals, preservatives, salt, sugar etc. Over time, these all get caught in your body (stored with fat, trapped in the intestine and colon), and accumulate until you gradually get sick.

Without giving your body a well-deserved break, there is no chance for there to be a recharge. Think you feel good? How do you really know? It may be that your understanding of “good” is actually a definition you have given to your normal state.

What if you could actually feel better?

Create yourself a new definition of “feeling good”?

I think that’s something worth finding.

2. Re-energise and alkalise my body

After the cleanse, comes the recharge.

With the absence of any nasties present in conventional food, and the digestive stresses that solids put on your body, far less effort is required to replenish energy stocks while consuming juice (or liquid nutrient).

It is also true that there is less exposure to stomach acids and enzymes that degrade important nutrient content in the foods we eat. With an average ingestion rate of 15 min for liquids, versus 2 hours for solids, the nutrient bypasses the laborious digestive cycle and hits your bloodstream with high-potency goodness much faster, and with less effort.

What does this mean for your body?

High potency, easy accessible goodness, that’s what.

It must be noted that I am consuming a special vegetable-based juice, not a supermarket variety. My juice of choice (Vital Greens) is loaded with nutrients and is alkaline in nature (very low acid). Regular fruit juices are highly acidic, full of sugars, and are not that great for your body.

I won’t go into it in detail, but you can read on the importance of alkalising your body here in this excellent article.

The ingestion of this highly potent alkaline drink, ensures that I am receiving an overload of complex nutrients that the body can use to repair, re-energise, and cleanse throughout the detox.

3. Re-invigorate my connection with food

I have been doing lots of experimenting with food lately. Most recently, I have been experimenting with techniques used by Tim Ferriss in his 4 Hour Body book.

Although it made eating far more efficient, I feel I have lost contact spiritually with the taste, texture, excitement and enjoyment of the food experience.

It’s boring, lifeless, and really un-inspiring when used 100% of the time.

I want to take stock, take a break, and really see what I am missing altogether. I want to see how my mind reacts without the succulent goodness of a salmon portion and side of green vegetables (my favourite) as an expectation of an evening.

It’s about a mental challenge to test my craving and level of connection with nature’s succulent delights.


There you have it. When life get’s stagnant and uninspiring, It’s a good time to try something new. Maybe this post will inspire you to try something new in your life, and add in a little “shake” with the stir.

How did the 5 day juice detox turn out? You can see a video of the results and the real life journal entries in the next post.


Thanks for reading my work.

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Until next time…..

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