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Hi, and welcome to my site!

If you’re reading this, chances are you want to take off on a travel adventure.


I have found that travel, both short and long term, can be a stressful, daunting and expensive experience, especially when your home and family is involved.

That said, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m here to help make your travel experience less stressful.

I’m so grateful that you have considered us for your house sitting needs. I appreciate this is a big decision you need to make. After all, your house is your greatest asset, and your extended family members (pets), are priceless companions in your life.

As a dynamic duo, I’m confident that the professional, flexible, and reliable house sitting service my girlfriend Danielle and I can provide you while you travel, will reduce stress and worry, and leave you with one less item on your plate as departure approaches.

Why consider house sitting with us?

I’ve encountered many reasons that people have chosen to use our house sitting services. Here are the popular ones:

  • You’d like a long term break away from the rigmarole but aren’t able to take your pets.
  • You’re not sure what to do with your place. Who will water the gardens, collect the mail, clean the pool, mow the lawn etc.?
  • What about break-ins? Who can you ask to keep a watchful eye?
  • You’re considering asking the friendly neighbours, but you don’t want to push the friendship too far, and your immediate family is extremely busy with their lives as well. After all, they have enough on their plate. .

Sound familiar?

If so, the free house sitting service we provide may be just for you!

Danielle and I have a combined home owner/dweller experience of over a decade, and I have personally spent over 10 consecutive months out of the past 12 house sitting for wonderful families in north Queensland, Australia. We’ve got an active profile with one of the worlds largest and most trusted house sitting web sites – trusted house sitters –  and share a love of spontaneous travel, fine food, good company, and fuzzy animals.

Why do we choose the house sitting lifestyle?

We both like to travel and experience new adventures, both locally and abroad. To do so, we’re looking for a way of creating a minimalist lifestyle that nurtures our desire to travel. Having both decided that our careers were not fulfilling at this stage in our lives, we’re taking time to explore ourselves and the wonders of the world. We both enjoy the company of animals, and allowing others the opportunity to partake in travel, a love that we both share.

What we can offer you

How can we help reduce the stress of your next travel?

  • Security and peace of mind – Unfortunately, having your home vacant may increase the likelihood of break in and theft. Having someone occupy your home deters unwanted visitors, and your brother/sister/son/daughter aren’t inconvenienced by regular inspections while you are away.
  • Maintenance and upkeep – We’re both very handy, I’m an engineer, and Danielle is an experience farm hand/property owner. Combined, there isn’t much we can’t do. Why pay for maintenance of your gardens, yard, pool etc. when we can do it as part of our service – for free? Leave the mail, the cleaning, and the lawn mowing to us.
  • Pet sitting – We both love animals (especially dogs), and know how disruptive and expensive it can be to have them cared for in kennels. We’ve both had animals for most of our lives – birds, dogs, rabbits and goldfish (of course!)- and I have had recent experience minding cats (Poppy and Tuxy) as part of my house sitting assignments. We’re more than happy to care for your furry family friend(s) as part of our service to you. They’re great company.

One of the pleasures of house sitting. Beautiful company like Millie!

In exchange, you provide us with expenses-paid shelter (we provide our own food and personal items) in a new environment, and the ability to help you enjoy your journey without worries about your home. A very rewarding experience indeed.

Wonderful testimonials

With over 10 consecutive months experience house sitting for a number of families across the Townsville area, I can take care of your home and your extended family members (Rex, Garfield, Polly or Nemo) while you enjoy your travels – worry free.

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what my happy hosts had to say about their experiences.

Jason is a responsible, friendly, sincere and trustworthy person who went above and beyond his duty of care with my cat, garden and unit. When I got home after my holidays Jason helped me in with my bags and had cooked me dinner. It was nice to come home to a tidy unit with milk in the fridge and supplies of food for breakfast the next day.

Amelia – North Ward

We arranged a meeting and I was very impressed with Jason and agreed to have him stay in my home…. He proved to be excellent and responsible….. On my return home after 5 weeks away, the house was very clean, tidy and well cared for. I have no hesitation in recommending him for any future house sitting ventures.

Robin – Oonoonba

We engaged Jason to take care of our home whilst on 4 months holiday. We found him to be honest, reliable, very economical, took care of our mail, and kept us well informed during our absence. We arrived home to a clean and tidy house and yard. We have no hesitation in recommending him.

Tom and Kathleen – Aitkenvale

During the past 4 months, Jason has proved his capability to undertake all the regular duties of cleaning, rubbish, garden, pool and by no means last, the care of our most valuable family member, Tuxy the cat. He is flexible, travels light and requires a minimal area to make himself at home.

Tuxy the cat
Howard and Sandra – Condon


Should you prefer, I can provide copies of these references and contact details upon request.

A bit about Jason

I’m a young, professional, Aussie bloke, who’s recently relocated to Victoria for new beginnings and reconnection with family. I like to keep my life small, so I decided to get rid of anything that wasn’t necessary in my life and practice living ‘within my needs”.

Well, I got rid of most of it…..

All my belongings

All of my belongings, fitting snugly into my small VW Polo!

Yep, I’ve owned my own home. I’ve tended my garden, I’ve painted rooms, I’ve renovated bathrooms, and much more. It was fun for a while, but I came to realise that I wanted something more.

I crave variety to spice up my life.

I thought to myself, what better way to shake things up than to live in different areas of this wonderful country of ours, and learn what more there is to offer?

The house sitting career was born.

After over 10 months of continuous house sitting for several families, I’ve found that house sitting suits my personality well, and the fact that I adapt quickly and efficiently to new environments is an advantage. It’s exciting, challenging, and rewarding.

All things I am wanting in my life.

A bit about Danielle

Danielle is a Canadian maths teacher, who has decided to take a break and instead visit Australia on a 12 month working-holiday visa. After meeting me and falling “head over heels”, she’s decided to stick around and save up for an adventure we can both embark upon.

Danielle’s owned a 6 acre property back in Okotoks, Canada, and has cared for her own pets (two dogs and a cat) during these past 5 years. Through management of her property, she’s become experienced in all things homely – yard care, gopher eradication, and even snow drift removal! As the owner of a very special french bulldog (Stella), Danielle has many years of experience caring for a very high maintenance dog – suffering allergies, digestive issues and respiratory problems – as well as a high energy shitsu and a small black cat.

Danielle is a house-sitting all-rounder. Well versed in animal love, and house and yard care, she’s the maple leaf ready to bring colour to your wonderful home.

If you would like to enquire about our house sitting service and availability, please send an email below. We’ll be in touch ASAP to find out more!

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