It’s not Old Spice, but this natural antiperspirant deodorant actually works!

I’m standing beside the desk of a colleague the other day, and as I lean over I inhale the ‘interesting’ scent of my own B.O.

Oh no.

My mind starts racing.

Is it actually me? Is it really that bad? Can the other person smell it too? Surely they must……..

If you’re like me and have had this problem before, you may have come to the same conclusion, which for me is that my deodorant just wasn’t up to scratch.

On my journey to experiment with natural alternatives to common products and ways of doing things, I have been using a store-bought variety of deodorant with no aluminium, to reduce my absorption of metals and chemicals in this highly sensitive area of the body.

Unfortunately, it costs a lot, and wasn’t that great. Then I got thinking, what if I could make it myself?

That’s what I want to teach you today. How to make an effective, natural alternative to a deodorant! By the end of this post, you will learn how to make your own, and I’ll share with you the results of my testing so you know what to expect.

But my deodorant works. Why would I change?

There is much debate of the health affects antiperspirant deodorants have on our bodies, so for me, as with all things concerning my health, my opinion remains the same.

Less is best.

The fewer ingredients, and the more natural they are, the better it is likely to be for you. When you go to the next level and start making your own products, as I will show you in this post, then your health is in even better hands!

Natural products are normally expensive, right?

Wrong. Well, mostly.

When you buy store bought natural products, the prices tend to be high.

You’re paying for the marketing of a health product.

Making these products yourself from (even simpler) recipes with fewer ingredients, slashes the cost by over 80%! Yes, once made, my version of an antiperspirant deodorant costs approximately $1.32 for 150ml, compared to $9.95 for a 70ml store bought natural equivalent!

Natural Antiperspirant Deodorant Ingredients

The ingredients I used to make my deodorant. A total cost of $13.17!

Using my recipe, not only do you get double the amount, but it’s at a purchase price which is 86.7% cheaper!

What’s even better, is that all the ingredients can be used in your everyday cooking and baking. This means no waste. Perfect!

Do I have to go to a special shop to find the ingredients?

Not at all!

I purchased all the ingredients required from my local grocery store. The options I chose are not all organic, and I don’t personally see this as being necessary.

All ingredients are common and are not difficult for you to buy. Pick them up when you next do your grocery shopping.

It’s so, so easy!

My recipe for an natural, effective, antiperspirant deodorant


  • 1/4 cup coconut oil, melted
1/8 cup cornflour
  • 1/8 cup arrowroot (Tapioca) powder
  • Essential oil of choice (optional)


Combine coconut oil, cornstarch, and arrowroot in a suitable storage container (either a sanitised jar or a small plastic snack container will do).

Place lid on and shake well to combine. Add in a drop or two of your favourite essential oil as desired.

The result, and a real-life review


The coconut oil mixed with arrowroot and cornflour solidifies, making this a no-mess product

The coconut oil mixed with arrowroot and cornflour solidifies, making this a no-mess product

I have been using this product for a week now, and I can confirm…It works!

I have almost no body odour, drastically reduced sweating, and it feels so much better than anything else I have used.

As a preference, I chose to use this deodorant without the essential oil for a more neutral, slightly coconut smell, and it works amazingly well!

A word of warning though. I decided to use an old garlic jar for my first batch. Even though I soaked and washed it thoroughly, guess what happened?

It smelled like garlic! Not ideal for a first date.

Round two was much more successful 🙂 I plan to keep using this and adding scents if I feel like something different. Natural vanilla would be a nice touch I think.


There you have it. A totally natural deodorant that is easy to make, uses only 3 easily accessible ingredients, and works! Next time you go to buy a new antiperspirant deodorant, pause to look at the price, the ingredients, then remember this post. It’s dead easy, and I challenge you to try it yourself!

In fact, I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below to share your recipe and results. I want to hear just how your experience was, and if it was as easy to achieve as mine!

Until the next post, thanks for being part of my journey. Keep fostering those healthy habits!



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